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Dry skin on the body: what can be the causes and how to defeat it

Dry skin cream

Dry skin on the body is an annoying problem that can have several causes. Let’s see which are the most frequent and how to fix them.

Wrinkled, flaky and very fragile skin? If your skin matches these characteristics then you have a very common problem: it is dry skin . Dryness of the skin is a disorder due to poor hydration and a lack of skin lipids, i.e. insufficient production of fats.

Not only the skin of the face has problems with dryness, but also that of the body , especially in winter, when wearing warm clothes, and in summer, after exposure to the sun. The causes can be different: let’s see which ones, how it looks and how to try to fight it to regain elasticity and softness.

Dry skin: causes

Dry skin cream
Dry skin cream

In addition to genetics, which always give an important contribution when it comes to skin beauty, there are other causes that lead to suffering from dryness:

  • Dry skin on the legs is often due to hair removal, especially with razor, because the latter has a slightly abrasive action. The skin on the feet also tends to thicken and dry out.
  • Incorrect diet. Poor hydration leads to dry skin, as does a diet rich in sugar, carbohydrates and deficient in minerals and vitamins.
  • Age . In fact, aging inevitably leads to thickening of the skin and poor hydration . It is for this reason that wrinkles form and the skin tends to flake at the slightest pressure.
  • Climate . as previously mentioned, intense cold or hot sun are conditions that stress the skin and tend to change the amount of lipids present in the skin . For this it is good to protect yourself with a layer of cream on every occasion.
  • Tricks . Finally, there are the tricks, the use of a heavy and aggressive make-up tends to alter the hydrolipidic film of the skin and leads to problems of dryness or, on the contrary, oily skin.

In general, however, the parts of the body most prone to dryness are the legs, feet and arms, because they have fewer sebaceous glands than the chest and back. In addition, the use of harsh detergents , clothes that do not allow the skin to breathe and exposure to sunlight can increase dryness. In case of dry and itchy skin , redness and irritation, it is better to consult a dermatologist, because the cause could be a pathology, such as atopic dermatitis, psioriasis or keratosis pilare.

Dry skin: remedies and advice

Wash with boiling water
Wash with boiling water

In case of dryness, the first thing to do is to use mild detergents , preferably oily or creamy. It is also necessary to avoid too frequent washing, which can damage the natural skin barrier. Even in the summer, it is best not to take more than one shower per day.

After each bath or shower, the skin should be nourished with a full-bodied cream, rich in natural oils , possibly without perfume and additives, which can cause allergies and irritation. Once a week, then, the skin should be gently exfoliated with a scrub or a horsehair glove, to remove dead cells.

Natural remedies for dry skin, on the other hand, are often the best and least aggressive ones. After the shower, on still wet skin, you can apply a few drops of vegetable oil , such as olive , coconut and sweet almond oil. Butters are also very good, such as shea butter. Do not underestimate honey and many essential oils, not to mention creams based on calendula , borage and enriched with vitamin E. Then remember never to shower or bathe with water that is too hot, and to dry your skin immediately after getting out of the water.

Then there are some precautions that can help you in this situation: in fact, the advice is to hydrate yourself by drinking at least 1.5 / 2 liters of water a day and eating foods rich in water . Fruits and vegetables cannot be missing from your diet if you want to eliminate the discomfort of very dry and, at times, even inflamed skin.

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