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Dry throat? Find out what it can depend on and what the remedies are

dry throat

Dry throat is a much more common problem than you think. Let’s find out why it occurs and what are the simplest and most effective remedies.

Suffering from a dry throat is quite common and can happen several times over a lifetime. It is in fact a disorder that can depend on irritative or inflammatory processes and that can trigger for different reasons. What remains the same is the discomfort you feel on the spot and the symptoms that, although variable, are more or less always the same. So let’s find out the main causes and remedies to find relief from dry throat.

Dry throat: the most common causes and on which it is always good to investigate from the first symptoms

As with other problems such as xerostomia and dry cough, dry throat is one of the annoyances that have to do with the mouth and throat.

dry throat
dry throat

When it occurs, the causes can be of different types and usually range from colds to irritation of the oral cavity. At the base of the dry throat there can therefore be infections of the respiratory tract and, consequently, colds, tonsillitis or laryngitis. In some cases, however, the causes may also be different. Gastroesophageal reflux is an example.

For this reason, in case of symptoms it is advisable to contact your doctor to understand their origins and establish the right treatment. Going to the symptoms, the most common are instead:

– Lower voice.
– Throat discomfort.
– Dry cough.
– Difficulty in swallowing .
– Feeling of having a foreign body in the throat.

Dry throat: the simplest remedies to apply and which act quickly

In the case of a dry throat, the remedies that can be put into practice are different. The first, and probably the most banal but never predictable, is certainly to hydrate. In some cases, in fact, this problem can also be caused by poor hydration.

Going to the real remedies, a correct diagnosis is obviously necessary in order to implement a cure. According to the reason why the closed throat is released, the remedies to be taken change. Certainly, while waiting, it can help to make the air less dry and to gargle with water and salt . These will offer temporary relief while disinfecting the oral cavity.

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