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The last beauty trend is a series of lip balms by Dunkin’ Donuts. Find out everything about this tasty news to apply on your lips!

It’s not the first time a company unites food and makeup, so here there is a new beauty product. We are talking about Dunkin’ Donuts lip balms, a must-have for beauty lovers and foodies!

The packaging reminds us of the tasty donuts of the famous shop. Let’s find out everything about this new tasty product to take care of our lips!

Everything about Dunkin’ Donuts’ new lip balms!

We know that taking care of our lips is a fundamental part of our beauty routine. In order to avoid cracked or dehydrated lips, it is important to moisturize them every day. This new product is very good, but not only: it is also very nice to see!

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/whitneyirizarry22/?hl=it

The lip balms smell like the iconic and tasty Munchkin Donuts of the famous brand. They are sold in a 2-piece package, one in white and the other in orange. You can also buy them on eBay!

Only by looking at them, we start feeling hungry! Best thing ever: they won’t make us gain weight like an actual donut would do! There is also another version of this beauty product, for coffee lovers. The other type is coffee-flavored and packaging reminds a take away cup.

A lot of makeup brands are joining food and makeup products. There are many palettes with different shapes: pizza, hamburger, ice cream and much more!

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/whitneyirizarry22/?hl=it

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