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Dyscalculia: find out how to recognize arithmetic disorder

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Dyscalculia, or arithmetic disorder, is a Specific Learning Disorder that influences the understanding of mathematics. Find out how to recognize it and how to deal with it.

Dyscalculia, also commonly called arithmetic disorder, is a learning disorder . In particular, subjects with dyscalculia are unable to learn mathematical procedures as they find it difficult to attribute meaning to numbers and concepts concerning mathematics.

This Specific Learning Disorder ( DSA ) is divided into two categories. The one concerning the first sphere influences the ability to understand the basic elements of arithmetic. The second area concerns the procedures of written calculation.

In both cases, it is possible to intervene in order to lessen the difficulties faced by children suffering from this disorder.

Dyscalculia: how to recognize it

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In order to detect the symptoms of dyscalculia in a boy or child, you need to be very careful . Usually, an individual suffering from this disorder will show great difficulties in mathematical disciplines, obtaining poor results despite numerous efforts .

In these cases, these outcomes should not be attributed to the lack of commitment. Many parents make this mistake , negatively affecting the boy’s selfesteem .

Another sign that could suggest the presence of dyscalculia is the great tiredness that could derive from the execution of mathematical calculations. In fact, failing to understand the procedures underlying arithmetic, they will take more time and energy than their peers.

Diagnosis and interventions

In order to be able to say with certainty that a boy is suffering from dyscalculia, it is necessary to submit it to an expert for analysis . In order to do this, you will have to wait for the child to finish the third year of primary school.

The professional figures in charge of carrying out this diagnosis are psychologists and neuropsychiatrists . Once in contact with them, it will be possible to carry out a preventive analysis in order to establish whether it is necessary to go further. There is also an online platform that allows you to make a free screen in order to identify any forms of dyslexia.

Once it has been established whether the child has specific learning disabilities or not, it will be possible to proceed accordingly. There are in fact paths intended to enhance the fields in which the subject has greater difficulty. However, it is good to keep in mind that each boy affected by these disorders could manifest them differently and therefore may need different help.

In any case, all children who fall into the DSA category are entitled to get help in the school environment . However, it will be necessary to present all the documents that attest to the boy’s difficulties to the institution.

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