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A light inflammation, little blisters and strong itching are the symptoms of dyshidrosis. Here’s how to get rid of it with natural remedies!

Dyshidrosis easily affects feet and hands, provoking painful and annoying itching. It manifests with little blisters that slowly become inflamed, causing itching.

The cause of this problem is not clear. It is probably due to psychological reasons, such as stress and anxiety, or because of too frequent hand washings. Also allergies can cause dyshidrosis. It is not transmissible and can be cured with natural remedies. Find out which ones!

Dyshidrosis and natural remedies

Aloe vera. This gel is amazing against inflammations, allowing to get rid of the annoying blisters.

Chamomile. A compress with this plant can help relieving the pain and heal the skin.

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Rice starch. Prepare it with hot water: it is an efficient remedy against dyshidrosis.

Epsom salt. Dissolve it in hot water, it is perfect against itching!

Tea Tree oil. One of the most renowned and efficient remedies. Always have some at home, it can be very useful!

Dyshidrosis is very easy to recognize: you just need to pay attention to the symptoms you’re experiencing. Usually, dyshidrotic eczema causes spots, dryness and cracks.

If you see these symptoms on your skin, other than the blisters, you can resort to the natural remedies we listed before using medicines.

Natural remedies are especially recommended in pregnant women and in children. The reason is that almost all the products to treat dyshidrosis contain cortisone and antihistamines.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/trattamento-dito-mantenere-mano-1327811/

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