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Ear itching: causes and remedies to solve the problem

itchy ear

Ear itching can be particularly annoying. Let’s find out what it depends on and how to act to eliminate it in a simple and immediate way.

When you suffer from itchy ears, it can reach very high levels of intolerance. It is in fact an area of ​​the body that can sometimes be difficult to treat. Which happens especially when you feel itchy inner ear and throat. Fortunately, there are several solutions that can be put into practice when you have itchy ears. What matters is to be patient and act correctly according to the area to be treated.

Why are the ears itchy? What you need to know about it

Before understanding what to do when itching in an area of ​​the ear, it may be useful to understand why this phenomenon occurs.

itchy ear
itchy ear

At the base, in fact, there can be various types of problems ranging from allergy to local irritation, to ear problems up to systemic diseases such as herpes or psoriasis.

For this reason, when you find yourself in front of swollen and itchy ears it is always useful to immediately seek the advice of your doctor. And all in order to exclude possible problems for which specific treatments are required.

How to remedy itchy ears

As already mentioned, the first thing to do in case of persistent itching is to contact your doctor . Sometimes, in fact, the only way to find a remedy for itching in the earlobes or in other areas is to understand the cause and start a specific treatment. If everything is okay from the doctor’s checkup, you can focus on some natural remedies aimed at giving relief.

One of the many is Aloe vera which introduced into the ear or spread in the itchy area can de-inflammation the area and decrease the itching sensation. Olive oil is also an excellent help and can be used in the same way as Aloe.

If the ears itch only externally, you can use tea tree oil or, alternatively, bicarbonate to mix with a little water and spread on the affected area. Just let it act for a few minutes to start feeling better.

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