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Earache: why it comes and how to fix it

ear pain

Earache: find out what it can depend on and what are the remedies to be implemented.

Earache is a fairly common problem but it can have different origins. Based on the causes (which generally must be identified by the otorine), different but still effective treatments or remedies can be implemented. So let’s find out which are the most common and how it is best to act.

Ear pain: the main causes

When suffering from ear pain, the reasons may be different. First of all it is good to know that earache can be primary and secondary.

ear pain
ear pain

In the first case the causes are to be found in the ear pavilion while in the second it comes to causes of reflection type and not necessarily generated by the ear.

Going to the causes, these can be different. It starts from the common earwax plug to an incorrect hygiene of the part. Obviously, you can also suffer from otitis, infections or inflammation of both the ear canal and other areas which by reflex also lead to ear pain. In order to be able to trace the exact cause, it is generally advisable to book an appointment with the otolango doctor in case of pain that lasts for more than two weeks.

Earache: what to do to feel better immediately

If there are no pathologies or causes that require medical attention, there are remedies for earache that are particularly useful:

  • Among these there are both hot and cold compresses to be applied (always inside a cloth) on the painful area.
  • In case of acute pain and due to strong pressure, it may be useful to chew a gum or suck a candy. A remedy that is useful in case of ear pain caused by a flight or a sudden change in altitude.
  • Finally, in the presence of ear wax you can help with olive oil or lukewarm neem oil which should help make ear cleaning easier and less painful.

Obviously there are also drops or pharmacological remedies that will however be prescribed by the doctor and only after a careful visit that we remember is always the case when the pain lasts more than a few days or becomes unbearable.

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