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Do you eat while watching TV? Here’s why you should stop (and other damaging habits)

eat watching TV

Tiredness and physical discomfort can be caused by small daily gestures that you aren’t aware of, habits that are harmful and that we unknowingly repeat.

There are daily gestures that we do without even realizing how much bad it does to the body. Among these are incorrect food habits caused by being in a hurry and not having enough time: skipping meals or finding distractions while you eat is definitely not good for digestion. In addition, excessive or improper use of phones, computers or the television can not only lead to wasted time, but also uneasy sleep… Let’s see the main damaging habits that harm the body and mind!

eat watching TV
eat watching TV and other damaging habits

Eating in front of the tv 3 damaging food habits

• Skipping meals. Those who think you can lose weight by not eating breakfast are making a big mistake. There’s nothing more wrong than skipping the most important meal of the day! A healthy and balanced breakfast not only helps you have the right amount of energy, but also helps you not eat outside of meals.

• Eating fruit before going to sleep. As much as it’s true that eating fruit is good for you, it’s important to consume it at the right time of day. If you get hungry before going to sleep, fruit is not recommended as it’s rich in sugar. It’s better to have a digestive or draining tea.

• Grandmas have always said, “Don’t watch TV while you eat!” In general, you shouldn’t get distracted during meals, for example using your phone or reading the paper. When you eat, you need to eat calmly throughout to guarantee optimal digestion.

How technology can harm you

• Resting your computer on your knees. Computer related damaging habits are pretty common. When you keep your computer on your knees for a long time, you feel an annoying heat sensation from due to the overheating machine. The consequences are felt in your circulation.

• Using electronic devices before going to sleep. Among these are phones, computers and the TV. The reason you should stop looking at screens half an hour before going to sleep is so you avoid excessive stress on the brain. Bombarding your head with information, strong colors and often disturbing images causes problems with insomnia or nightmares. Follow this advice and you’ll manage to start the day in the best way.

•Don’t tense your neck when you’re writing a message or typing some text on a keyboard. An incorrect posture can lead to serious spinal problems and constant pain like a stiff neck or muscle tension. To avoid this discomfort, try to keep a neutral position with your neck and chin facing forward.

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