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First aid in case of bruises: causes and grandma’s natural remedies to relieve  pain and reduce the swelling.

A little distraction or a wrong movement and you bruise your legs or arms. Pain and ecchymosis tend to disappear, but it is important to treat them in the right way. If you don’t have any specific ointments or medicines, you can make 100% natural remedies at home.

Let’s see the best grandma’s natural remedies against bruises for relieving pain in a short time.

Remedies for ecchymosis and bruises

Ecchymosis and bruises: causes and possible remedies
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One of the well-known remedies to relieve the pain is to apply the ice. It is useful because it blocks the inflammation and thus the blood is not flowing to the affected area. Other than its healing effect, it is also a pain reliever, at least for the first two hours.

For bruises and burns, our grandmother always used potatoes, which give immediate relief. Their enzymes can relieve the pain. Just slice a potato and put one on your bruise.

Ecchymosis: cure it with natural products

Two powerful anti-inflammatory plants are arnica and aloe. Both plants can cause allergic reactions, so you need to make sure you can use them. Arnica is a powerful anti-inflammatory and a natural pain reliever that can gradually cure the sore area. You can buy this remedy at the herbalist’s shop as an ointment and apply it directly on the affected area.

Aloe vera also has an anti-inflammatory action and can give relief. You can buy it in gel or cream and then massage it on your bruise.

You can try also with compresses of rosemary, lemon balm, and sage to relieve the pain. Boil the three plants together, cool it down and then soak a cotton cloath in it. Place it directly on the sore area and let act for about half an hour. When the cloth becomes cold, soak it again in the infusion.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/macchia-blu-verde-blu-ematoma-2867965/

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