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The Egyptian look is the latest make-up trend, perfect for the holidays!

The Egyptian look is the latest make-up trend, perfect for the holidays!

The latest make-up trend is the Egyptian look: Karl Lagerfeld also loves it and used it on his models!

We know catwalk models and the most followed influencers in the world are the ones who launch new trends. This is exactly what happened with the Egyptian look, a make-up fully inspired by the ancient Egyptians.

This make-up focuses on eyes, which are enhanced with a very pronounced eyeliner style, even though it is just a  thin line. Make-up artists also used glitter and bright colors. Let’s find out together what this new style is and how to make it for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Egyptian look: the make-up that is all the rage on socials and on catwalks!

Lucia Pica, the Chanel Global creative designer for make-up and colour was the make-up artist of the Paris fashion show Métiers d’art 2018-19. She explained: “Egypt inspired the show, but I wanted to give a more abstract and futuristic touch. Black and white are dominant than other colors, while blue and gold were inspired by the collection, according to what Karl Lagerfeld wanted. I showed him some make-ups and he chose the ones that he most liked“.

Egyptian look
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With this make-up, you can highlight your eyes with thin but intense eyeliners. The chosen colors are black or blue. However, there is no lack of gold and glitter.

This is a very peculiar make-up only the most daring ones can replicate, because the eyeliner line is double: both above and below the eye. This is a particular idea you can replicate during the holidays. The ideal look to match the Egyptian make-up is full of light and sequins, while the rest of the make up should be natural and with nude shades.

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