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Elbow pain? Find out the causes and possible remedies

Pain in the elbow

Suffering from elbow pain can be particularly disabling. Let’s find out the various types of pain, the causes and possible remedies.

The elbow is one of the joints that are put under the greatest pressure during our daily life and, consequently, it is frequently subjected to injuries . We use this articulation to write, to cook, to drive, to play sports. In short, for all kinds of activities. As a result, suffering from elbow pain could be particularly annoying . In today’s article we will find out how to distinguish the different types of pain in the elbow, the possible causes and how to combat it .

Types of elbow pain and possible causes

There are several types of pain in the elbow. The main two are the pathologies also known as tennis elbow and golfer elbow . The first is characterized by pain in the external part of the elbow and responds to the scientific name of epicondylitis . In this case, the pain is due to an inflammation of the tendon caused by repeated stresses.

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The second, also called epitrocleitis , leads to pain in the inner part of the elbow. Again, the pain is due to repeated stresses , especially that caused by rotational movements.

If in addition to pain there is also a discrete stiffness of the joint , it is better to contact an orthopedist: it could be osteoarthritis .

There is also a fourth type of pain, much more intense, which leads to a burning sensation. When this happens, it means that there has been a compression of the ulnar nerve .

How to fight elbow pain

When it comes to epicondylitis or epitrocleitis, defeating elbow pain may be easier than expected. In fact, in most cases leaving the joint at rest is sufficient to solve the problem.

However, if this is not enough, it is advisable to seek help from an orthopedist , who will be able to recommend the most effective therapy. Usually, antiinflammatories should suffice ( turmeric is excellent in these cases) but sometimes it may be necessary to resort to the help of a physiotherapist.

Therapy is also similar in the case of compression of the ulnar nerve or osteoarthritis. However, these two conditions are more difficult to overcome and in some cases surgery may be required.

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