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Elderberry, all the properties (and uses) of its flowers and fruits


Elderberry flowers and fruits were used since ancient times because of their numerous beneficial properties: let’s find out.

Used in herbal medicine since ancient times, Sambucus nigra is a plant rich in benefits. Also known by the common name of elderberry, it is a perennial shrub belonging to the family of angiosperms. This plant grows in almost all of Europe , up to 1400 meters above sea level, and is widespread in the Italian peninsula.

The elder has many flowers, very showy, white. In early summer, the flowers turn into fruits, small black berries . Both are used because of their beneficial properties: let’s find out.

The properties of elderberry

Elderberry is a plant rich in benefits. First of all, thanks to its high content of vitamins , in particular those of classes A and C, it can be used as a natural supplement , rich in antioxidant properties.

Elderberry flowers
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Another characteristic is undoubtedly the digestive and laxative one . By promoting the flow of water to the intestine, it helps to purify it and regulate its rhythms. In addition, it is said to strengthen the immune system and be able to fight the flu and fever. The latter characteristic is due to its diaphoretic properties: it promotes sweating and lowers body temperature.

In addition, elderberry is an excellent remedy for anyone looking to get rid of excess toxins. It is an excellent purifier and helps against inflammation, proving to be excellent for eliminating excess mucus.

Uses and contraindications

When resorting to elderberry as a natural remedy, you must be very careful. The beneficial properties are in fact present only in flowers and fruits , which are usually left to dry before consumption: all the rest of the plant, including the seeds, is poisonous .

Dried elderberry products can be used to prepare an herbal tea . The drink is made by leaving about two teaspoons of plant to infuse in boiling water. It is important to remember to filter everything before consumption. In addition, it is possible to feed on the fresh fruits.

On the market it is possible to buy this natural remedy also in other forms. There is elderberry juice , to be diluted in water, supplements, syrup and even mother tincture . In any case, when using this plant it is good to seek advice from an expert to avoid developing side effects . A proper use of the plant foresees a consumption limited exclusively to fruits and flowers, which however must not be applied on the skin.

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