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Elettra complex: what it is and how to deal with it

super father and daughter

The Elettra complex is a kind of female Oedipus complex and concerns girls. Let’s find out what it is and how to deal with it.

Anyone who has heard of the Oedipus complex at least once, that is, the situation in which children become jealous of their dad and try to attract mom’s attention in any way. Well, even the girls live something similar which, in their case, is called the Elettra complex . In essence it is a sort of unaware jealousy that the girls live towards the mother and that leads them to compete to attract the attention of the father .

Electra complex: symptoms

father and daughter
father and daughter

The Elettra complex is a normal phase in the development of girls which, as already mentioned, leads to compete with the mother. It is a natural process that can start from three years of age and which usually resolves on its own within six years . This occurs, in particular, when the girl begins to understand her role within the family, completely changing her attitude towards the mother.

In fact, we move from “rivalry” to emulation , which will lead to wanting to resemble our mother in all respects, imitating her and creating a special relationship with her.

Electra complex: how to solve it?

Just like the Oedipus complex , the Elettra complex is a completely natural phase and may or may not appear, presenting itself in different times and ways.

When this occurs, parents should let their children express themselves freely. The father who, in the case of the Elettra complex, found himself refusing the little girl’s hugs and kisses, would in fact risk making her feel rejected, creating in her anxieties or traumas difficult to resolve.

It is therefore good to avoid any corrective attitude, taking everything as a simple need for attention and affection (typical of children) more concentrated on the parent of the opposite sex. Which once resolved autonomously will lead to a new balance of the child’s expressions of affection.

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