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Emotional shower, here are the benefits of the multisensory path

Girl bathroom shower

The emotional shower allows you to regenerate and put aside stress. Let’s try to understand how it works and what benefits it can bring to the body.

The emotional shower, available in almost all beauty centers, is a multisensory journey made up of water, colors and smells. It is a real panacea for fatigue and the accumulation of stress , thanks to its relaxing atmosphere. Normally the emotional shower is associated with Turkish baths, in order to benefit the body in the round. So let’s try to understand how this wellness practice is structured.

Emotional shower: how it works

The emotional shower is based on the fundamental alternation between different types of water jets, sounds and smells able to relax the body. The water from the shower is emitted at different temperatures, with an alternation of hot and cold, and at different intensities of pressure. The path begins with a simulation of rain which, over time, becomes more and more intense and finally comes to nebulization.

Girl bathroom shower
Girl bathroom shower

In addition, the water jets are not only vertical, but can also be horizontal, thanks to particular dispensers placed on the sides of the shower. At the same time, the colors and smells inside the emotional shower also change, creating a harmonious atmosphere inside.

The set of these practices allows to have not only physical but also mental benefits, giving a feeling of relaxation . Precisely for this reason, the emotional shower is a path suitable for everyone and without any kind of contraindication.

Emotional shower: the benefits

Among the benefits offered by the emotional shower we can certainly find, as we anticipated, physical and mental relief . This is the big difference between this and other water therapy practices, usually much more circumscribed. In fact, the different modalities that make up the path have beneficial effects on the whole organism.

This is mainly due to the properties of both cold and hot water. In fact, if on the one hand the cold jets firm the tissues, those of hot water stimulate vasodilation and allow you to clean and cleanse the skin. Furthermore, the aforementioned alternation of jets, characteristic of the emotional shower, reactivates the circulation by relieving the pressure on the legs and arms, preventing blemishes and cellulite.

Recreate a DIY shower

The experience of the emotional shower is not a prerogative of beauty centers. In fact, it is possible to enjoy the same benefits while staying at home, thanks to a range of tools available on the market . Alternatively, if you do not have enough space, you can always rely on DIY, purchasing and adapting the equipment to the spaces you have available.

A piece that cannot be missing in any emotional shower is the ceiling lamp that can alternate the different jets of water. In addition, you can choose to combine colored lamps or chromotherapy dispensers . So what are you waiting for, treat yourself to a few moments of relaxation, even at home.

Chromotherapy and aromatherapy

Among the different therapies on which the emotional shower is based we can also find chromotherapy and aromatherapy . In fact, in addition to the alternation of hot and cold water jets, it is possible to experiment with the succession of different colors . This practice has not only a scenographic value, but each color has a different effect on our mood. For example we can say that:

– blue conveys calm and refreshment
– orange gives optimism and good humor
– shades of red give strength and energy
– green increases balance and concentration

Smells and sounds also play a specific role within the route. Scents like Scots pine, citrus or sandalwood relieve stress and convey calm . On the other hand, music and sounds are also very important as they will accompany you throughout the experience, making the session even more enjoyable and engaging.

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