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Epsom salt bandages, what they are and how they work

Epsom salt

Epsom salt wraps are a simple and effective way to defeat cellulite.

Epsom salt bandages are among the anti cellulite remedies . Also excellent for deflating the legs and giving them greater lightness, they are among the best known and used techniques because of their being natural and at the same time effective. So let’s find out how to make them and how they improve the health and beauty of the legs .

Epsom salt: the product against cellulite and orange peel

Epsom salt
Epsom salt

When you have problems with water retention or cellulite, a good remedy is that of epsom salts. These are salts that take their name from the city ​​of Epsom where they were discovered. Based on magnesium sulphate, they have particular properties. In fact, they help to:

– Reduce swelling
– Detoxify the body
Moisturize the skin
– Relieve muscle tension
– Fight cellulite

They are usually placed in bath water to help the skin become softer and more hydrated and to detoxify the body. They also have a relaxing action , which is why they are very popular. That said, the way they are used most is that of bandages.

Epsom salt and cellulite: how to make bandages

Espom salts are most effective in the form of bandages. On the market there are ready-to-use kits but if you want you can also prepare them at home. To do this, just buy sterile bandages and immerse them in a basin with hot water and espom salts . The bandages will be left to soak for a few hours by heating the water several times. In fact, they must be applied quite lukewarm.

The advice is to bandage the legs starting from the ankles and going up. Block everything with cling film and leave on for about 30/45 minutes . Once the time has passed, just remove the bandages and take a shower (preferably with cold water). In this way the legs will get even more benefits thanks to the temperature contrast, which acts on the blood circulation. Apply any moisturizers as usual and that’s it .

The feeling of well-being and lightness will be immediate while to see results in terms of cellulite and orange peel, some bandages will need to be done. However, the skin will be smoother from the first application.

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