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Espressoh: the lipstick that tastes like coffee and has the same effect!

Espressoh: the lipstick that tastes like coffee and has the same effect!

Espressoh is the first line of lipsticks inspired by coffee, and it also  has its same effect!

What is the first thing we do in the morning, as soon as we wake up? For almost everyone is drinking a cup of coffee. However, the new trend that is all the rage on social networks and in the beauty world is to apply Espressoh. That is, the first lipstick completely inspired by a cup of coffee and which also has the same life-giving effect.

The new Italian beauty brand created this product, based on the first thing Italians do when they wake up. So it decided to launch its own line inspired by the alluring aroma of the espresso. But let’s find out together what we are talking about and the available colors.

Everything you need to know about Espressoh and coffee-flavored lipsticks!

These lipsticks do not just make women’s lips beautiful: they also taste like coffee! When you put them on your lips, you will smell the classic coffee aroma. Moreover, this beauty product also hydrates, smoothes and softens your lips.

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But that’s not all, because the Espressoh lipstick contains the caffeine extract, which will immediately wake you up. In addition, it gives the same feeling you have when you drink a cup of coffee.

The different lipstick names and aromas are very interesting: you just need to try them! There are three nude shades that give a very sensual look, called: In bed, Capriccio and Corretto. There also is the classic passion red, called Rossoh. Finally the berry shades are: Addiction, Mok’ Amour and Lemon-A-Me.

If you put them in the morning, just after you wake up, you will have the right boost of energy to face your day. You will also be sensual, chic and elegant. You must try it!

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