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Essence of rose for him and her to mix, the new Guerlain perfume is revolution

New genderless Guerlain perfume collection

Guerlain’s Art and Matière Collection is enriched with two new rose essences: genderless and in sustainable bottles.

Something is also changing in the world of perfumery, and a custom to which many of us have succumbed is perhaps about to give way to a new conception of perfume: how many of us cannot resist a masculine fragrance, have decided to buy it anyway and put it ? And if clothing also runs towards the trend of a garment that can be worn by both her and him, why can’t even perfumery do it. To open the dance is Guerlain, who with two new essences, shows how the rose, which has always been associated with feminine perfumes, can also be masculine. Thus to the prestigious collection of the French brand, L’Art and the Matière Collection , two rose Eau de Parfum are added, two fragrances to mix with each other and absolutely genderless .

The new Guerlain rose perfumes: Rose Cherie and Santal Pro Rosa

There are two axioms to which Guerlain appeals to explain how in reality there has been a misunderstand in the world of perfumery: the first is as Thierry Wasser , maître parfumeur Guerlain explains, that the division of perfumes for men and women is a typical conception of the world. western , and moreover this position is now completely outdated, because in other cultures the rose is a perfume like any other and which has always been used by men since ancient times . This is how the perfume of the future is born: genderless, timeless and genderless, and that we can easily exchange with friends or partners.

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To inaugurate this Guerlain revolution are Rose Cherie and Santal Pro Ros a . The first is definitely the flowery soul of the rose, where green almond, pink raspberry, white heliotrope and purple mauve meet, dominated by the damask rose of Bulgaria, dear to Guerlain, and the Turkish and Centifolia. The second represents its mystical and sculptural essence of the rose, a woody fragrance that takes up the Pao Rosa, a fragrance created by Guerlain in 1877, a base of fig and hazelnut to which wood is added.

How to wear the new fragrances and how much they cost

The new Guerlain fragrances in their genderless essence are full expression in the freedom not only to buy the perfume you want, letting yourself be guided exclusively by your sense of smell and not by obsolete labels and habits, but also in wearing the perfume breaking another cliché. All the fragrances of L’Art and the Matière Collection are made to be mixed together , and not to be worn only individually: a detail that allows you to personalize even more a fragrance that becomes ours.

The perfumes of Haute Profumerie can be purchased on the official website of the maison in a complete minisize collection consisting of perfumes of 10 ml each, at the price of 295 euros: it is a precious package designed for enthusiasts and in view of Christmas. On the Sephora website, on the other hand, the perfumes can be purchased individually starting from 100 ml at a price of 295 euros and in 200 ml for 425 euros.

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