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Evergreen and rich in beneficial properties: discovering Swiss stone pine

Green trees

The Swiss stone pine, or Swiss pine, in addition to providing us with a very precious wood, has countless beneficial properties.

The Swiss stone pine, known by most with the common name of Swiss pine, is an evergreen and needle-like tree that grows in the Alps in particular, it is widespread in the Dolomites . This pine, which can reach 25 meters in height, owes its fame to the wood that is obtained from it. In addition to being fragrant, it is considered very valuable and is often used by artisans because of the ease with which you work.

However, its features are not limited to this. In fact, Swiss stone pine can also be used in the form of resin or essential oil and has several beneficial properties : let’s find out.

The properties of Swiss stone pine

Swiss stone pine is used very often for herbal medicine in mountainous areas and has numerous beneficial properties. First of all, it is no coincidence that this pine is nicknamed Tree of sleep : its essence has relaxing effects , it serves to slow down the heart rate and to get rid of anxieties and fears.

Green trees
Green trees

In addition, it is an excellent antiseptic . This characteristic, common to many essential oils, in particular that of Tea Tree , can be effective when you want to disinfect a closed environment, both at the level of the air and of the surfaces.

In addition, Swiss stone pine has excellent expectorant effects . It is a valid ally in the fight against coughs and colds, it allows you to fight flu symptoms and breathing difficulties. Finally, it is able to calm cramps and muscle pain .

Possible uses of Swiss stone pine

Swiss stone pine can be used in many different ways. Its essential oil can be used to make massages in painful areas, thus obtaining its pain relieving effect , or on the chest and back, to unlock its expectorant properties . Obviously, it is always good to dilute it in vegetable oil. Usually two or three drops are recommended for every 15 ml.

Against anxieties and sleep problems, or to purify the air, it is possible to spread the essence through a diffuser of aromas and essential oils. Always against sleep problems, you can drop a few drops on the pillow. In addition, to get rid of the symptoms of cooling it is possible to use the essence for suffixes .

However, essential oil is not the only form in which Swiss stone pine can be used in herbal medicine. In fact, there are cushions that have pine shavings inside them, in order to promote relaxation, its resin has balsamic properties and it is suspected that its pine nuts can have beneficial effects for the intestine.

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