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Everything about mace, the spice that fights anxiety

Everything about mace, the spice that fights anxiety

Even though it is not very well known, mace has thousands of beneficial properties: let’s find them all out!

Probably its name is not that familiar, but once you find out what mace is and what benefits it has, you won’t do without it anymore! This spice is also called nutmeg flower, which is very common in Indonesia. Mace is rich in fudnamental nutrients for our health, other than being a great ally of our heart, skin and eyes.

Mace: nutritional values

Even though it is less known than nutmeg, mace has a nice scent and a more delicate flavor. It is rich in carbohydrates and fibers, but also of calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and sodium.

Moreover, it contains great amounts of vitamin C and some group B vitamins. This spice almost does not contain fat and cholesterol, therefore it can be added to our diet. In the right amount, mace is a great alternative to season dishes for people following a food plan to lose weight: a teaspoon of it only contains 65 calories.

Mace: properties

Why should we use this spice? There are many reasons: for example, because it promotes our digestion. Due to its content of eugenol, a substance that stimulates the production of saliva and gastric juices, it speeds our digestion process up. Furthermore, it reduces intestinal gases and fights abdominal swelling.

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Mace also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, therefore it helps fighting inflammations and pain in general. It is very good also when you suffer from toothache! Instead, some of the substances this spice contains have a relaxing action and help us fighting anxiety and stress.

The same substances also help us adjusting our mood and act on our central nervous system. Its content of potassium benefits our heart by keeping our pression under control and reducing the risk of heart diseases.

Instead, its beta carotene, that is an anti-oxidant, fights free radicals and cell aging, thus improving our skin and eye’s health. Finally, mace’s anti-oxidants were proved very efficient in the fight against some types of tumors, such as uterus and breast cancer.

How to use this spice

You can buy this powdered spice in organic product shops, herbalist’s shop and in the biggest supermarkets.

You can use it both for your savoury and sweet recipes, or to flavor biscuits and desserts. Mace herbal tea is very useful to promote the digestion and to soothe intestinal cramps. There is also a mace essential oil: use it in your recipes or on your skin, in order to soothe muscle rheumatic pains.

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