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Everything on the ice diet: find out how it works!

Everything on the ice diet: find out how it works!

The ice diet can help you quickly lose weight. This food regime can activate your metabolism!

A gastroenterologist, Brian Weiner, has invented a new diet: the more you eat ice, the more you lose weight. This food regime is not scientifically proved, but according to those who followed it, it works! This diet would activate the metabolism and lose a lot f weight in an easy and quick way.

This food regime is different from all the other ones we know. According to the expert, it would help you reach your goals faster. Let’s find out together how it works, its pros and cons.

How does the ice diet work?

According to dr. Weiner, this food plan would be able to activate the metabolism. Moreover, it considers the amount of calories our body burns to eat a certain food.

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Our body burns about 140-160Kcal per liter of frozen water you take. For this reason, the doctor suggests to eat frozen foods, for example frozen fruits or slushes, in order to use as much energy as possible.

Weiner also suggests to follow a healthy lifestyle and to workout regularly. Even just a walk outside everyday is ok. Furthermore, the doctor recommends to follow a healthy diet, to drink a lot of water and to avoid alcohol and smoking. This would make the ice diet even more efficient.

Some experts do not agree with these food plan, as frozen foods might damage the stomach, cause hyphotermia and intestinal problems. If you want to start following it, ask your doctor first. At the moment, there are no scientific results for this diet, because it has not been studied yet.

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