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Everything you did not know about the benefits of rose petals

Everything you did not know about the benefits of rose petals

From insomnia to liver problems, to fighting tiredness by reducing muscle tension and stress. Find out the many benefits of rose petals!

Roses have always been the symbol of love and womanliness. They are colored and positive flowers that give happiness. But what benefits can rose petals give to our body? Yes, researchers found out they have a therapeutic power for our body, muscles and organs.

They help fighting stress and insomnia, thanks to the relaxing action they have on our muscles and nerves. But not only: they also stimulate the immune system, thus reducing liver problems!

Roses: therapeutic properties

You can find them almost anywhere to decorate your house. They have always been known for representing love and female cures. Moreover, there are oils and other cosmetic remedies, well known beauty elixirs for our hair, body and face… But what about eating rose petals? What are the benefits?

First of all, they are well known in the ayurvedic medicine as a refreshing method for our body and skin.

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And for our organism? Well, their powers are extraordinary. Drinking a herbal tea made with this romantic flower helps in case of flu and colds. Not only it strengthen the immune system, but also improves the respiratory one, other than detoxing our body, especially the liver.

Finally, the rose herbal tea is a powerful aphrodisiac, both for men and women. Drinking it at night helps relaxing the muscles, getting rid of tensions and daily stress: you and your partner will benefit from this new kind of relaxation! Fun fact: in ancient times, people macerated rose petals in wine, together with borage flowers. They drank a glass of it at the end of the day to get rid of tiredness and improve their mood!

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