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Everything you need to know about face serum

Everything you need to know about face serum

Among all cosmetic products, we have often heard of face serum. But what is it exactly? Let’s find out now!

Day creams, night creams, eye contour, skin and face care products: among all these products, we have often heard of the famous face serum. Not everyone knows what it is, because this product is seldom used, although it may be very important for your skin. It definitely could be useful, so let’s find out what it is, how to apply it and why it is important to use it in your beauty routine!

How to use face serum and when to apply it

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This product contains active ingredients that must be applied immediately after the face cream. It has different tasks, for example it makes the cream most effective or counters aging. You should not replaced your face cream with this serum, because it completes your beauty routine. In shops, you will find different types of face serum, so you need to choose it according to your needs. It may have anti-wrinkle, illuminating, purifying or hydrating power. It depends on your type of skin and on the skin problem you want to deal with.

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When to apply it? Face serum must be applied only after your daily face cleansing, so after you put the toner. The best time to put it is in the evening. Usually, a few drops are enough.

This product is perfect against dry skin!

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