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Everything you need to know about the Gift diet

Everything you need to know about the Gift diet

Find out everything about the Gift diet: the menu, the main rules, the allowed foods and the opinions on this slimming diet.

The Gift diet has been developed by the Italian doctors Attilio and Luca Speciani. “Gift” stands for Graduality, Individuality, Flexibility, and Tone. This particular food regime is recommended especially if you are overweight and you want to get back in shape. Moreover, it is indicated if you want to recover your mental and physical balance and to regain a proper metabolism, impaired by a poor diet and an improper lifestyle.

Let’s find out more together!

What is the Gift diet

This diet guarantees weight loss if you follow some principles. First of all, there is no calorie-counting, but there will be other ways to determine what and how much to eat. In addition to this, fried food, sweets and all other junk foods (fast food, soft drink, etc.), as well as alcohol, are forbidden. Let’s see the other rules:

Everything you need to know about the Gift diet

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  • Gradual approach to the diet.
  • Physical activity, in particular aerobics.
  • Long chewing.
  • Maximum control of all food intolerances
  • Wide intake of fibers and water.
  • You can eat carbohydrates, but only with a low glycemic index.
  • Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want, as long as you done it at the beginning of the meal.
  • Choose simple ways of cooking and little seasoning.

An example of Gift diet: recipes and foods

In short, the Gift diet is based on the intake of healthy foods, workouts, cooking simple foods and drinking plenty of water. But how does it work in practice?

According to it, at each meal you should eat 60 grams of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, a protein-based food (60 g), and finally fruits and vegetables. Let’s see an example:

  • Mid-morning snack: a fruit.
  • Lunch: Pasta with tomato sauce, grilled turkey/chicken/fish, seasonal vegetables, and a fruit.
  • Afternoon snack: a fruit.
  • Dinner: fish/white meat, vegetables, a wholewheat sandwich (60g), 1 fruit.

For breakfast, we recommend foods such as skimmed yogurt, dried fruit, rye bread, fresh fruit, sugarless coffee or tea.

Opinions on the Gift diet: does it work?

Generally, it can be said that this diet activates your metabolism. Moreover, it has a long list of food allowed, therefore there won’t be major sacrifices. At the same time, however, it seems that although the diet works, weight loss is slow.

This diet aims at the mental and physical wellness. It seems to be found on valid and effective principles: healthy eating, balance between proteins, fats and carbohydrates, physical activity, and the elimination of junk foods.

Furthermore, the slow weight loss makes us understand that the Gift diet is not an empty promise. Let alone, it doesn’t look like a diet makes you lose weight in a short time and then, when you do not follow it anymore, it makes you regain all the weight lost.

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