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Everything you need to know about tooth gems

Everything you need to know about tooth gems

Tooth gems make your smile brighter and stylish: here’s all you need to know before applying it!

It seemed to be out of fashion, instead tooth gems are back on track. Many people want it to make their smile more attractive and brighter. It has become must-have beauty trend. We are not talking about piercings or other types of treatments, but about a simple application dentists perform. It is not expensive, but you can also apply it yourself at home, with a special kit: find out more about tooth gems!

What tooth gems are and how much they cost

These kind of gems are tooth-friendly gems to apply on the external surface of one of your teeth. Usually, it is put on one of the maxillary lateral incisors, which are the perfect spot for this accessory.

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You can find gems with different dimensions, colors and shapes: their aim is to highlight your smile, without damages to your teeth.

Their application is simple, painless and easy. First of all, the dentist cleans your smile. Then, he or she isolates the tooth and puts the gem. This accessory lasts different from person to person, but if the product is applied by a professional, it will last much more longer.

But how much is this tooth gem? If we rely on professionals, which is the best choice, it might cost about 50/70 euro. Some specialized beauty centers also apply it for around 20 euros. However, in this case, the gem can last less.

DIY tooth gems

You can buy different DIY kits for a step-by-step application of a tooth gem. It will be cheaper but you will not get the best quality. You will just need cotton, tweezers and tooth glue.

Dry your tooth with hydrogen peroxide, immediately after put the glue on the back of the gem with the help of tweezers. Paste it on your tooth and press for at least 10-15 minutes.

Anyone can use tooth gems, even if you suffer from sensitive teeth. However, it is always better to ask for a professional’s advice.

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