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Exercises for sciatica: Find out which ones are best for relieving pain

sciatica exercises

Exercises for sciatica are a simple, non-invasive way to relieve this sometimes really hard to bear pain.

When you suffer from severe pain in conjunction with the sciatic nerve , the so-called sciatica exercises can prove to be really useful in order to relieve the discomfort and allow a more comfortable lifestyle. So let’s find out which ones to choose and how to behave when suffering from sciatica.

Gymnastics for sciatica to do when you suffer from this problem

The famous sciatica pain is a rather common problem.

sciatica exercises
sciatica exercises

It is due to the compression of the sciatic nerve that radiates to the leg and lower back. Often, due to the pain you feel, you may find it difficult to even stand, walk, and perform normal everyday tasks . Fortunately, among the many treatments available there are also exercises that, if done well, can bring relief and alleviate symptoms.

The important thing is to always ascertain the actual reasons for pain by contacting a doctor. Only then can you be sure that you can perform each exercise without risking further compromising your situation .

Sciatic nerve pain and exercises to do to relieve it

When you suffer from sciatica, there are so many exercises to choose from. Some of these can also be done at home to reduce inflammation in the area. On the web there are several videos that offer different exercises and useful both to fortify the muscles and to find a correct posture and able to limit the problem of sciatica .

A basic but functional exercise is to position yourself supine on a mat, bending your legs and lifting them slightly. This will help to decrease the tension in the area, while also relieving the level of compression and therefore bringing almost immediate benefit.

Another exercise is to sit with your legs together and extended (always on the mat) and touch your toes while keeping your back straight. It is important to go as far as you can. The exercise will still work and will help stretch your back while relieving pain.

Another exercise, to be performed always lying on the mat , bringing the knees to the chest and hugging them. This will stretch the spine.

As already mentioned, these are exercises that are important to perform only after consulting your doctor . In case of more specific problems than sciatica pain alone, a physiotherapy course may be necessary, also aimed at understanding which are the most suitable movements to perform at home based on your condition.

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