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Exercises to lose weight on the stomach and hips: which are the most effective


Find out which are the exercises to lose weight belly and hips quickly and also from home. Which ones to choose and how to make them more effective.

When you decide to lose weight or improve your physical shape, you cannot ignore the exercises to lose belly and hips. Only by acting directly on the parts that you want to improve can we hope to achieve tangible results that are able to give well-deserved satisfaction. So let’s find out which are the most suitable exercises for belly and hips to do both in the gym and at home .

Gymnastics to lose weight on the stomach and hips: the exercises to do

When you decide to lose weight in specific points such as those of the belly and hips, it is very important to find the right exercises that can lead to good results.


Among the exercises for flat stomach and hips the most popular are generally:

– Running in place with high knees

– The jumping jack

– The mountan climber

The squat jump

– The lunges

– The rear impulses

– The abdominals

– The lateral impulses

These exercises to eliminate belly and hips must always be preceded by a warm-up session and finished with a stretching session. Two essential phases in order to avoid tears that would slow down the achievement of objectives.

It is also important to keep in mind that both for weight loss exercises and for leg weight loss exercises you need to proceed step by step.

How to make exercises to slim your stomach and hips more efficient

When you decide to embark on a weight loss path it is essential that training and nutrition go hand in hand. To obtain good results from gymnastics for the hips and stomach it is therefore important to take care of the diet . To do this, just start eating in a balanced way, avoiding fatty or sugary foods.

An approach of this type, combined with the right workouts, will start to bring good results from the first weeks. In addition to the loss of centimeters, you will also get more toned skin and a figure that will overall appear healthier. And all definitely feeling more deflated and healthier. Which will help to find the right motivation to continue with the path.

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