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Exotic fruits: all the properties of bananas and papayas

Exotic fruits: all of the properties of bananas and papayas

Bananas and papayas are exotic fruits rich in beneficial properties: they are a panacea for our body, thanks to their high vitamin and mineral content.

Along with bananas, papayas are very rich in nutrients. It contains vitamin A, B9 (folic acid), E, K and C, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and calcium. Papaya is a real blessing for our health and our body. Bananas share similar properties with papayas, but they have much more in common. Let’s find out what!

Papaya properties

Papaya is excellent to solve digestive problems and adjust our gastrointestinal tract functions. This fruit is also good to better digest proteins. Papaya is rich in fibers, it regulates our intestines and also prevents colon cancer.

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Papaya is the anti-aging fruit par excellence, thanks to its antioxidants. This fruit protects us from cellular ageing and cardiovascular diseases, which especially affect middle-aged women. Papaya safeguards our heart and it is also excellent to counteract high cholesterol levels in the blood.

Banana and papaya benefits: what do they have in common?

Bananas and papayas, rich in vitamins and minerals, are among the most nutritious fruits which benefit our body. Banana has many benefits. After having eaten one, you feel immediately full: on average, a banana has 110 calories. This fruit is a great alternative to packaged snacks. Its calories and carbohydrates make it athlete’s favourite food. Bananas boost their energy during workouts, substituting energy drinks.

Papaya calories, however, are much lower: only 28 per 100 grams of fruit. They are perfect for a low calorie diet. Both fruits have a high potassium level, which helps to prevent cardiovascular problems and to regulate our heartbeat. A study conducted by the Albert Einstein College of New York has shown that, thanks to its potassium content, eating bananas regularly can help to prevent strokes during menopause.

Thanks to their vitamin A level, bananas and papayas are a real panacea for our eyes. They help preserving corneas and eyesight, improving night-time visual abilities. Because of their vitamin C levels, these fruits are perfect to reduce inflammation, to fight free radicals and to stimulate the production of collagen.

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