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Experts recommend organic meats

We all aspire to eat well, combining a good fork with healthy foods

And, never as in this period, specialists have taken the field to emphasize the importance of quality nutrition. The lockdown, at least from this point of view, proved to be fundamental to help us change course. We pay more attention to what we put on the plate. Therefore, we eat less hastily. It is the quality that the consumer seeks today in his purchases.

Numerous studies show how products of animal origin suggest moving towards organic products . “Organic nutrition – explains Dr. Federica Almondo, Nutritionist, expert in Food Sciences, prevents the deposit of toxins in the body and speeds up the disposal of any that may be present. In this way the detoxification processes will be able to concentrate on harmful substances that we cannot control, for example, environmental pollution “. Experts emphasize the importance of organic meats.

Breeders focus attention on their nutritional value and animal welfare. Knowing, for example, as nutrition experts point out, that the purchase of organic meats entails a greater sense of security in the purchaser linked to farming and production techniques, certainly makes the difference. For these animals, in fact, the use of antibiotics is not envisaged except in codified situations, as is explained by the clean labels that report all the nutritional values. Everything is useful to get to follow a diet that is not only more balanced, but also healthier. Fileni organic red meats, for example, come from cattle and pigs that are born, bred, and rigorously selected in Italy.

With a philosophy that binds the entire supply chain. They are raised with respect for the freedom of movement of animals and fed with balanced foods, formulated specifically for their diet and well-being. Cattle and pigs grow free and respectful of their natural life cycle. The animals can graze without forcing, respecting the ethology of the species. Even for red meats, organic is a guarantee of naturalness and absence of GMOs. The land housing the livestock does not know any type of pesticide or other types of chemicals.

Great attention is also paid by Fileni to chickens, reared on the ground and in the open for at least 81 days (100/140 in the case of turkeys), free to roam on large organic land. This keeps them healthy and active throughout their life cycle. Density is also strictly controlled: no more than 5 animals per square meter of surface inside the structures and 4 square meters of space available to each animal in the outdoor parks. This is why BIO meats have a guaranteed and healthy flavor and nutritional value. And experts do well to point this out.

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