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Expiry date: what are the foods that do not have it


Although the expiry date is reported by law on all foods on sale, it is actually approximate and for some foods it would not be necessary

Most people when they find that the food has passed its expiration date, throw it away in the doubt that there may be who knows what harm to health. Over time, their hygiene and organoleptic characteristics are not altered, and can be safely consumed after years or even decades.

Yet, even if some of them report it the same, there are foods that practically never expire, and that can be consumed even beyond the date indicated, without any risk or danger.

But do you know what are the foods that never expire, that have no indication on the package and that if stored well they can be consumed even after a long time without any side effects?

Foods with no expiration date

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Here are all the foods whose expiration date you need not fear:

Honey: healthy, rich in benefits and properties for our body, honey is a food that never expires. At most it can present changes due to temperature changes, such as its crystallization .

Rice: removed the brown rice, which is no exception, the rice does not expire. The only caveat is conservation : if not stored well it can become the ideal place for the development of insects or the accumulation of dust.

Sugar: sugar is also immune to expiration. The reason ? Bacteria are unable to reproduce because it is not possible for them to feed on them.

Salt: just like sugar, even salt does not expire and the maximum that can happen is to find it solidified or in blocks due to temperature changes.

Liqueurs: alcohol does not allow the development of bacteria , and therefore practically all spirits, once opened, are kept for a very long time.

Maple syrup: not everyone loves it, but if you are a fan of pancakes then you will be happy to know that you can keep it for a long time without expiration problems .

Wine vinegar: if the wine becomes vinegar, the vinegar … well, it remains vinegar! This ingredient does not undergo changes in taste or changes over time, and you can keep it without any particular problems.

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