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Extra virgin olive oil: a food rich in properties

Olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the cornerstones of Italian cuisine. At the same time it is also a food rich in beneficial properties for our body.

Those who love good food know well how extra virgin olive oil (also known as extra virgin olive oil) is able to give an extra touch of flavor to each dish. In addition to being a tasty condiment, it is also a healthy food that we should all include in our daily diet. Thanks to its beneficial properties, in fact, extra virgin olive oil is able to improve health and even help maintain shape.

Extra virgin olive oil: the benefits

Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and thanks to the Omega 3 that it contains, extra virgin olive oil is a super food, able to offer various benefits to those who use it daily.

woman with olive oil
woman with olive oil

Among these the most important to remember are:

– It is a powerful antioxidant
– Good for the heart
– It’s an anti-inflammatory
– Within a balanced diet it helps to lose weight
– Helps the intestines in their daily functions
– It’s good for the brain
– Donate energy
– Has anti-tumor properties
– Helps achieve a feeling of satiety first
– Taken with meals, it modulates blood sugar
– Helps fight diabetes
– Contributes to raising good cholesterol
– Helps lower blood pressure
– Remove the risk of Alzheimer’s
– Makes the skin more beautiful
– Gives hair shine, even better if you also make compresses .

Extra virgin olive oil: how much to consume?

In order to be able to offer the beneficial properties mentioned above, olive oil must be rigorously extra virgin, cold-pressed and possibly organic. It should also be taken as raw as possible. Being a source of fat and a particularly caloric food, obviously one should not exceed consumption.

The quantity estimated as ideal for an average-sized adult with no particular problems is about 3 tablespoons per day . In case of particular pathologies or diets, it is always better to hear the opinion of your doctor. By taking Italian extra virgin olive oil every day, we guarantee a whole series of beneficial properties for the body and we certainly live better and healthier.

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