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Eyebrows: how to choose the right shape according to your face


Choosing the right eyebrow shape based on your face is very important. Let’s see how.

Eyebrows are very important, because they frame and enhance the look. The choice of shape must not be based simply on current trends and personal taste, but also, and above all, on the characteristics of the face .

By modeling the eyebrows, in fact, it is possible to rebalance the proportions of an excessively elongated, round or square face. Let’s see in detail how to choose the shape of the eyebrows according to the face.

Eyebrow shape: how to choose it

– Oval face. The oval face is perfectly proportioned and therefore the eyebrows must not perform any particular corrective function. The ideal shape is arched, slightly rounded, of medium thickness.

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– Round face. The very rounded face needs to be lengthened and streamlined. For this the eyebrows must have a very pronounced arch, which tends upwards and then goes downwards.

– Square face. The square-jawed face needs to be softened by the eyebrows. The ideal shape is very high arched (to be avoided in the case of a low forehead), or rounded, almost straight.

– Elongated face. The long face, with a high forehead and a pronounced chin, must be enlarged and shortened. To do this, the ideal is to give the eyebrows a straight shape, a little stretched outwards.

– Face to heart. For the heart-shaped face, with pointed chin and very high forehead, the ideal eyebrows are rounded, not angular or too thin.

How to make eyebrows

To find the perfect eyebrow shape and to achieve it, the ideal is to contact an expert make-up artist. If you want to try it for yourself, we recommend that you carefully analyze the shape of your face before proceeding.

Avoid using waxing , with which you risk tearing off too much hair. Furthermore, the tearing of the wax can weaken the thin skin of the eyelids and make it sagging in the long run. Better to use tweezers or Arabic thread .

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