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Eyeliner: what are the most common mistakes?

Eyeliner: what are the most common mistakes?

Intense gaze and total black eyes with your makeup: what are the most common eyeliner mistakes we need to avoid? Let’s find out together!

Anyone can make a mistake when it comes to eyeliner: it is not easy to apply and, very often, the line on our eye is different from the other. For this reason, we wonder which is the method to apply in a perfect way.

Of course, we need practice in order to learn the right techniques. However, before this, we need to know the most common mistakes that probably we make, too! let’s find out which ones they are…

The mistakes to avoid when you apply eyeliner

Before learning how to use this product, we need to understand the mistakes we need to avoid.

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The first mistake almost everyone makes is not preparing the eyelid. Before applying the product, we need to use some face powder and a primer, in order to avoid staining the fixed eyelid.

The second thing everyone does, especially at the beginning, is stretching the eye, hoping, in this way, to apply the eyeliner in the best way. This is not the way you use this makeup product! In time, this action can promote crow’s feet! Therefore, let’s try to avoid this part and let’s draw the line without stretching the skin.

Using the eyeliner implies you need to take care of your eyebrows, too. You need to use a specific pencil to make an intense and even more perfect look. If you do not draw your eyebrows, your makeup could not stand out.

Another thing you need to avoid is thick lines: choose fine ones or, if you like, blend it. Even winging your eyeliner has rules: for the perfect result, wing it like if it was another eyelash!

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