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Face Mist: the face moisturizing waters from Korea

Face Mist: the face moisturizing waters from Korea

For a beauty routine just like the one of Korena girls, you need to try Face Mist, the hydrating water to vaporize on your face to freshen it up.

Spray cosmetics are extremely convenient, easy to use and to always bring with us: these are the reasons why they are so successful!

This is also the reason why Face Mists, the hydrating waters for our face, are among women’s favorite products. They come from Korea and guarantee different action, according to the type you choose and your skin type. Let’s see together what they are, their effects and which ones to use!

Face hydrating spray: what are Face Mists?

Face Mists are face hydrating sprays, widely used in the Korean beauty routine. Usually, they tone up the skin, therefore it is necessary to vaporize them on the face in the morning.

Other than renewing the skin, they replace the common toner and can also be used to fix your makeup. You should choose the best product that suits your type of skin. It is very easy to apply them: just spray it on your face at a distance of 10cm, then wait for at least 30 seconds.

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Therefore, this product guarantees the right skin hydration, but it also protects it from external agents. You can bring it with you and use it to refresh your face when you need it.

Face Mist, the best products

If you want to try the best product for your skin, you should choose a Face Mist that you can easily find at the pharmacy or at the beauty shop. Among the most interesting products, there is Caudalie’s Beauty water, made with natural ingredients, while Kiehl’s Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist promotes cell breathing and purifies the skin.

Givenchy’s Beautifying Mist is a hydrating water that protects from pollution and UV rays. Instead, Elizabeth Arden signed the Miracle Hydratin MistSpray, which brightens your face and has antioxidants properties. Finally, Origins’ Ginzing Energy-Boosting Treatment Lotion Mist is an actual energizer made with ginseng, pomegranate and coffee.

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