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Face scrub: what are the benefits and how to prepare it at home

face scrub

Facial scrub is the ideal way to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Find out how to prepare it at home and what benefits it offers.

Facial scrub is an ideal remedy for the skin . In fact, it is able to purify it in depth, to cleanse it correctly and it is useful to avoid the formation of new imperfections. It is a simple method, suitable for all skin types and also achievable at home. In fact, just a few ingredients are enough to create valid scrubs for the skin. Let’s find out together some of the most effective and economical.

The benefits of the scrub

Before delving into the scrubs to be made, it is important to know the benefits. Any type of scrub serves to exfoliate the skin, eliminating dead cells and preparing it so as to get the best out of the treatments that you choose to apply.
In this way the skin will be smoother and smoother and, depending on the type of scrub made, even more luminous.

In the case of home scurbs, the ideal is to repeat them once or twice a week. Limiting itself to one in the case of particularly delicate skin.

Honey scrub for oily skin

honey scrub
honey scrub

An excellent scrub that doubles as a face scrub mask is the honey scrub . Just mix a few teaspoons with a little brown sugar and you get a simple and ready-to-use mixture. At that point, just apply everything to the skin and let it dry. When you feel that the skin begins to tighten around the lips and eyes (areas that are always best to avoid treating) you can proceed to rinse your face with warm water and proceed with your normal daily routine .

In this way, the skin will be smoother, smoother and softer without being oily.

Scrub with baking soda and yogurt for dry skin

yogurt bowl
yogurt bowl

Those with dry skin problems will find a delicate face scrub in the union of two simple ingredients which are yogurt and bicarbonate. After mixing them, obtaining a soft but non-dripping cream, you can proceed with the application. This will have an exfoliating effect on the face, helping to remove dead skin cells . Leave on for five to ten minutes and rinse, then apply your preferred moisturizing cream or mask . In this way you will have a delicate and pleasant effect on the skin that will appear softer and more hydrated with each application .

These two scrubs are very useful for making the skin healthier . What matters is to apply them without rubbing too much and avoid the most delicate areas of the face. Once this is done, with a few applications you will begin to notice the first results that will lead the skin to regularize itself more and more and to appear beautiful, smooth and compact.

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