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Facial yoga: exercises and toning as a natural remedy for age

face yoga

Face Yoga, or facial yoga, is a new anti-aging facial treatment used by many celebrities. Let’s see what it is and what its benefits are.

Facial Yoga, which became popular during the coronavirus quarantine due to the closure of beauty centers and beauty salons, is a new type of anti-aging treatment. Movie stars, celebrities and even Meghan Markle , are just some of the women who have included facial yoga in their beauty routine. But this is not an exclusive of the stars: everyone can practice it. Let’s find out what it is.

Facial yoga: what it is

How we anticipated Facial Yoga (or Face Yoga) is a real discipline, a combination of yoga and toning exercises . Thanks to these training it will be possible to slow down the signs of aging by avoiding the use of botox or other operations.

Face exercises
Face exercises

Face Yoga is a simple, fast , but above all painless and inexpensive method . It is a series of exercises and movements aimed at reducing muscle tension and increasing the micro-circulation of the face.

Furthermore, at the basis of this technique there is a very important concept, namely that you cannot eliminate the lines with the scalpel, but you need to go deep, acting on the muscles.

Facial yoga anti wrinkle method

As we said, Face Yoga is one of the methods that allows you to delay the signs of aging without being invasive or expensive. In fact, the facial yoga exercises allow you to stimulate the 57 muscles of the face , training them just like the other muscles of the body.

Without considering that the muscles of the face are tied to the layer of epidermis , therefore you can see the results even in a short time. Furthermore, practicing these exercises requires practically nothing, just having your hands clean.

Then you have to practice the exercises about 15-20 minutes after putting on the face, for example, an anti-wrinkle cream . In this way the effects of the facial treatment are intensified, making the skin even more toned and compact.

There is no specific time to resort to this technique so much that it can be done in the morning, in the car in the middle of traffic or during a lunch break. Just have a mirror handy.

But better to avoid doing it before going to sleep because, since the exercises activate the lymph, you would risk getting a swollen face .

Does Facial Yoga Work? The stars who practice it

We talked about how and when to practice Face Yoga, but are we sure it is really effective? The answer is obviously yes and to confirm it are the many celebrities who have decided to rely on this method.

Giselle Bündchen, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston, Sharon Stone and many others. In conclusion we can say that if the exercises are done consistently every day, after three weeks it will be possible to admire the results with improvements in face tone and skin elasticity.

In addition, the eyes will be more open and changes can also be noted in the lip contour . So mirror and hand cream, all ready to do Face Yoga.

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