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Fall hair in autumn: stop with the right treatments

Hair loss

Hair loss in the fall is a very common complaint. Let’s see what are the most effective natural remedies and the treatments to do to stem it.

In the fall, almost everyone, men and women, suffer from heavy hair loss . While it is undoubtedly unpleasant to find the brush and pillow full of hair, there is no need to worry. It is, in fact, a passing phenomenon, a natural hair change.

Obviously, if the fall is very copious and especially if it continues beyond autumn, it is good to contact a specialist to verify that the cause is not a hormonal problem. To stem the phenomenon as soon as it appears, it is useful to resort to natural remedies and treatments , let’s see which are the most effective.

Fall hair in autumn: natural remedies

Hair loss
Hair loss

The most effective remedy to prevent and combat hair loss is to have a healthy and complete diet , rich in vitamins and minerals. Consume red and orange fruits in abundance, rich in vitamins C and A , light dairy products containing calcium and proteins , but also legumes, eggs, red meat and green leafy vegetables, a source of iron .

If nutrition is not enough, you can resort to multivitamin supplements , in the pharmacy you will find many, even specific for hair. Finally, to accelerate the regrowth of fallen hair, a scalp pack is useful before shampooing with castor oil , to be massaged for a long time to stimulate circulation.

Hair loss: the treatments to do in autumn

After the summer, if your hair is dry, rough to the touch, dull, frizzy and with split ends, the first thing to do is cut the damaged lengths . Then ask your hairdresser for keratin reconstruction , a treatment that restructures and strengthens the hair.

Always use a mild shampoo and wash your hair no more than two or three times a week, always using a moisturizing conditioner to gently loosen knots.

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