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Fall herbal teas: spend this season in the best way

Fall herbal teas: spend this season in the best way

Let the rich, spicy scent of fall herbal teas wrap your body and spirit when the first cold arrives, comforting and warming your heart…

With the arrival of the cold season we need to purify our body and strengthen the immune system: fall herbal teas are good for our body but also for our mind. Nature and its herbs can provide us with some help to detox our body and to strengthen our immune system.

In addition, herbal teas and infusions are a pleasant habit to warm our bodies up when rains and early cold arrive. They are tastier to drink than the usual coffee or sugary beverages: after all, it is now time to lay on your sofa with a blanket and a hot cup in your hands.

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Fall temperatures always suggest to have hot drink, to warm up and start to deal with low temperatures. If you do not want to entrust a simple hot milk with honey, to better face this season you can choose fat-burning and regenerating herbal teas. They will wake your body up thank to herb ingredients.

Relaxing herbal teas and healing recipes

• Lemon balm herbal tea. This plant helps sweating, lowers body temperature, and has a great relaxing power. Lemon balm also helps eliminating toxins. In order to prepare this tea, you need a tablespoon of dried lemon balm leaves for each cup of hot water. Leave in infusion for 5 minutes, then filter it. You can also buy this herbal tea at the supermarket.

• Eucalyptus and sage herbal tea. This drink is perfect when you have a cold, because the two herbs together help to relieve the respiratory tract. Add a tablespoon of dried sage and eucalyptus to a cup of boiled water, let infuse for 10 minutes and filter it. Doctors do not recommend sage to pregnant women, people suffering from epilepsy and hypertension, so be careful. In this cases, eucalyptus will be just fine.

• Chamomile herbal tea. A simple chamomile tea, to which you can add lemon juice or zest, helps fighting the cold.

• Echinacea herbal tea. This plant strengthens the immune system and fights fevers and colds. Pour a tablespoon of echinacea in a cup of boiled water, leave for 5 minutes, then filter and drink hot. You can also drink two cups a day of this herbal tea, especially during fall, to prevent winter flus.

Ginger and lemon herbal tea. This drink is really tasty and nice smelling. You just need to boil water, then add grated ginger and the juice of one organic lemon. Let it boil for 5 minutes, filter and drink hot.

Have you ever tried ginger and cardamom herbal tea? It has magical properties and it is delicious!

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