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Fall winter 2020-2021 makeup: all the trends not to be missed!

makeup woman

The fall / winter 2020-2021 makeup trends include eyes in the foreground, flawless lips and a luminous complexion. But that’s not all … let’s discover them together.

With the arrival of the new season and its change of look, the makeup trends are ready to transform us, introducing darker colors and placing the accent on some areas of the face. In fact, it seems that the protagonists of the autumn / winter 2020-2021 will be eyes and lips, above all. So let’s find out what are the nuances to prefer and how to make make-up fashionable.

The colors to choose in autumn winter 2020-2021

Like every year, the catwalks begin to dictate fashion not only for clothes but also for make-up . Thus, from the many ideas that emerged it will be possible to choose the ones that best suit your person in order to be fashionable without losing your style.

makeup woman
makeup woman

If we talk about colors , the most popular for autumn winter 2020/2021 will be those on brown, bronze and orange. They will be associated with nude effects to be applied on the lips.

However, excesses will also be welcome. Thus, it will be possible to range between brighter and darker colors, in order to recreate an almost gothic effect. Green light therefore to bright reds, dark browns and almost dark colors. A way like any other to make each make-up unique and special in its own way.

Eye make-up: make-up to show off

True protagonists of make-up for the autumn / winter season, the eyes will be dyed with different colors. All to be made with pencils and eyeliner to be applied perfectly, in order to highlight the look. Among the many effects, one of the most popular will be that of the over liner, that is the stroke applied not only on the upper eye rim but also above the crease. Eyeshadow lovers can indulge themselves with smokey effects of all kinds. Even better if they will focus on the smudged one.

Eyebrows, the protagonists of autumn winter!

In a year in which the eyes are the protagonists, even the eyebrows are destined to have a certain importance. They will in fact be treated, combed and made shiny. And all without forgetting the possibility of coloring them (of their own color, of course) to make them fuller and give them a precise line. In this way, you will get a magnetic gaze able to get noticed at any time of day.

Lips makeup, fall winter fashion trends

Despite the masks, the lips will once again be the protagonists and will do so with nude effects or on the contrary bright and very dark nuances. Green light therefore to lipsticks of every color, what matters is that they are always bright and with a super shiny effect.

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