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Falling in love is healthy (but only for women!)

Falling in love is healthy (but only for women!)

When women fall in love, they produce substances which fight infections. Find out how falling in love stimulates the immune system!

It is well-known: love is good! It makes you look more beautiful and shinier, it gives joy and calmness, and from now on we can also say it strengthen the immune system!

However, only women can benefit from this, at least according to some scientists. Falling in love makes the female body produce more immune difenses. Let’s find out more about this interesting research!

Falling in love: health consequences

A research team from the Toulane University, in New Orleans, studied the way love changes the female organism. The analysis was guided by professor Damian Murray, o the Psychology department, involving 47 young and healthy women.

The study lasted 2 years, during which scientists kept taking blood samples from the women, in order to analyze 115 different types of immune cells in their organism. By considering also other parameters, such as their health state, their falling in love and their sexual life, they found out something very curious.

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Women who were deeply in love showed increased immune activities, based on the count of neutrophils and of a protein called interferon 1. Our body naturally contains these substances, which fight infections and strengthen our immune defenses.

Moreover, when the love the women felt finished, neutrophils and interferon 1 values dropped.

Falling in love: what about men?

Women who love deeply experience an immune reaction similar to that that happens in case of infection. However, the study has not involved men yet, but doctor Murray thinks the results will not be the same. The reason?

According to researchers, female love has different features than male one. The difference is that when women fall in love, they instinctively start to prepare for pregnancy. We know that is a very delicate period for mothers-to-be, as they need a stronger immune system.

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