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False lashes: everything you absolutely need to know!

False lashes: everything you absolutely need to know !

False eyelashes make your lashes voluminous, but are they really necessary? And, above all, are they harmful? That’s all there is to know!

Super eye make-up and an intense gaze thanks to false lashes, but are they really useful as we believe? False eyelashes are beautiful to see, there is no doubt. They make give volume to the eyelashes and sensuality to the gaze. Having long eyelashes is the dream of (almost) everyone of us, however resorting to eyelash extensions is not always a good thing…

Let’s find out what there is to know about false eyelashes!

Are false eyelashes harmful?

False eyelashes are extensions to apply at the base of the eyelid with the help of a special glue and tweezers. In this way, the false lashes will blend in with the natural ones. Obviously, there are side effects you should not underestimate, because they could cause damages.

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First of all, the best make-up artists only use superior quality false lashes. For those who have no experience in the field, you must absolutely know that false eyelashes can cause a build-up of bacteria and, consequently, a loss of natural lashes. Appling them almost every day can weaken the eyelids and redden your skin. Surely it is not nice to see…

The glue could also cause damage: if your skin is allergic to this product, once applied your eyelids may redden. An allergy can also trigger are itch and watery eyes. Before each application it is recommended to test some glue on your hand.

Of course, in this case we are talking about false lashes we use every day, and not to the extension applied by a professional.

The advice not to risk allergies is to use a lash primer and a black mascara which gives volume and length to your natural lashes! We remind you that you can find a wide selection of false lashes and associated products on Amazon at very competitive prices.

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