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Fast, tasty, vegetarians. Here is the recipe for veggie wraps

Veggie wrap

The veggie wrap is a flatbread rolled on irresistible seasonal vegetables. Let’s find out how this quick and tasty vegetarian recipe is made.

If you are looking for a truly satisfying dish, a delicious but light and healthy recipe, it’s time to taste the veggie wrap. What are? Delicious vegetarian wraps rolls to be accompanied by a tasty sauce, such as tzatziki made with Greek yogurt, or a basil flavored mayonnaise. For a more oriental taste , however, you could dress the vegetables with soy sauce. In short, this dish with simple tricks can really change taste. They are perfect to be prepared a few hours before a meal. They can become the protagonists of an outdoor picnic, or served as an aperitif they become delicious and easy-to-eat finger foods.

They are colorful rolls, with a fresh and crunchy taste, also suitable for “deceiving” children if they do not particularly like to eat vegetables. Basically, they are stuffed with fresh vegetables, cut into match sticks, such as carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, very fresh courgettes and mixed salad. The ideal is to create the wraps yourself , rigorously without lard. Our luscious and light veggie wraps will make everyone water . It is also possible to create gluten-free veggie wraps, using gluten-free bread flour instead of 00 flour. So take advantage of these quick and easy recipes to put a fabulous dish on the table.

Veggie wrap
Veggie wrap

Preparation for the veggie wrap recipe

  1. First prepare the wraps, putting all the ingredients in a large bowl and kneading until you get a soft and smooth ball of dough.
  2. Bring the dough to your work table and divide it into four loaves , which you will leave to rest for 30 minutes in a plate, covered with cling film.
  3. Take care of the vegetables now. Wash, peel (if necessary) and cut all the vegetables into strips . The tomatoes instead diced. Wash and dry the rocket and the mixed salad as well.
  4. After the resting time, take the balls of dough, and roll them out with a rolling pin, forming a disk about 3-4 mm thick.
  5. Heat a pan and cook the piadina without adding oil. Cook it for 2-3 minutes on each side.
  6. It’s time to stuff the roll. Arrange the wraps in front of you and distribute your favorite vegetables. Crumble a piece of feta cheese over the vegetables, and season with oil and salt, or with mayonnaise or tzatziki sauce .
  7. Roll up the piadina, enclosing your filling, and then put it back in a pan so that it heats up . Your tasty vegetarian recipe is ready.

To make a gluten-free veggie wrap, the procedure is identical , but you need to swap the 00 flour with a gluten-free bread flour. For best results, let the dough rest before rolling it out for 50 minutes. Then proceed with cooking and filling to taste.


It is possible to keep the veggie wrap in the fridge for a day , in a food box, hermetically sealed. However, it is best to keep all the ingredients separate, keep the flatbread in the freezer (even for a month), and stuff with freshly cut vegetables.

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