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Fasting on vacation, gift or punishment?

Flat stomach

The idea of ​​fasting on vacation may appear to most as a kind of punishment. However, it is a practice that has several benefits.

Nutrition is one of the main sources of well-being , but also of malaise. In fact, although a healthy and balanced diet can bring great benefits, taking junk food represents a great risk, and leads our body to accumulate countless toxins .

Excessive build-up of toxins could in turn cause various ailments and harm our health . For this reason, several structures have been created that offer a detox holiday.

Although fasting on holidays might seem punishment to many, this practice has many beneficial effects . Let’s find out.

Fasting on vacation, what is it?

Flat stomach
Flat stomach

When we talk about fasting on vacation, we don’t mean only a stay where you eat little or nothing without giving up on a normal holiday. Usually, these programs are carried out in facilities that allow you to practice fasting under strict control and that combine it with other treatments, such as massages or spa treatments .

This practice, which should only be done later having consulted your doctor , it can be divided into two categories. Total fasting and semi-fasting. The first is characterized by the total give up taking solid foods , introducing only liquids, preferably warm or at room temperature. The second consists of huge calorie restrictions , without however completely giving up food.

In most cases, fasting for a few days will have excellent effects on our body, which will be able to get rid of excess toxins and regenerate itself . However, it should be borne in mind that the first two days may be particularly difficult to tackle. Once overcome, the body will begin to get used to it and the holiday will take on a completely different flavor.

The recommended destinations

For those who want to embark on this adventure and give themselves a holiday with fasting, there are several places in Italy that offer this service.

If you are looking for a place immersed in the calm of the mountains, there are several structures in Trentino – Alto Adige. Among the most famous are the Vitalpina Pfösl Resort in Nova Ponente, the Alphotel Stocker , immersed in the beauty of the Aurina valley, and the Hotel Adria in Merano.

In any case, the options are not lacking. You could go to the Espace Chenot de l’Albereta in Franciacorta or to the Petrata Castle , not far from Assisi. And, in case you have many days available, you could treat yourself to a vacation in an out-of-town destination: there is no shortage of options in distant and exotic places such as South Africa, Morocco and the United States.

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