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Feeling sleepy? Boost your energies with the power nap!

Feeling sleepy? Boost your energies with the power nap!

If you do not sleep well, you are more likely to make mistakes and accidents. Solve your problem with the power nap, the American siesta!

When you do not sleep too much or comfortably, your mental and physical abilities can be affected. However, from now on you can solve your sleeping problems: the power nap will renew your body and mind! It is the best way to face new, busy days!

What is a power nap? It is a refreshing nap lasting from 5 to 30 minutes. It is an amazing way to make up for your energy decreases, but also to fight your productivity and motivation drop.

Power nap: does it work?

A lot of people suffer from sudden tiredness or they feel sleepy after lunch. It is more and more common, considered the many activities we do every day in our life.

For this reason, a lot of American companies are creating specific spaces dedicated to power naps for their employees.

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After a few hours of intense focusing on the job, we often feel tired and we are more likely to make mistakes. In order to avoid this problem, more and more companies decided to make the power nap possible!

Is it possible to sleep for 20 minutes at work?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 30% of American employees has the amazing possibility to sleep at work. Even pilots have the so-called “controlled rest” in the cruise phase, that is the calmest moment while flying.

Even if you cannot sleep at work, you can still take a break every now and then to refresh your energies! First of all, you need to find the perfect spot for your power nap. The best place would be a calm one, just like a park, the library or your car. Then, it is better if it’s dark and quiet: in this way, your rest will be short but intense!

However, if you cannot find any quiet, you can create the right mood. Just start a playlist of relaxing music, such as classic music or nature sounds. Finally, you need to decide beforehand how long your nap will last: 20 minutes are perfect to regain your mind and body strengths! This method could also be good for people who suffer from insomnia!

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