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Feng shui: the ancient Chinese philosophy which improves your inner well-being by creating balanced and pleasant environments.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy which applies to house furniture and its position. This theory considers every single object as something which can influence our inner balance both in a positive or negative way. For this reason, it is fundamental to choose the right color, shape and position of every single piece of furniture in our homes.

According to their positions, they will pass energy and vibrations which will influence our inner well-being. According to feng shui, one of the rooms where energy concentrate the most is the bedroom.

Arranging your bedroom according to feng shui principles

According to the feng shui tradition, the bedroom position is fundamental for our wellness. The main goal is to create the right balance in this space, leaving outside the door worries and discontent, in order to relax and rest well.

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The bedroom should be as far as possible from the entrance and the street. The ideal would be a calm place, far from the city noises and chaos. In this way, negative energies and vibrations won’t influence and upset your soul and mind. It is also ideal for the bedroom to overlook a garden or a green space. Moreover, according to feng shui principles, when lying in bed your feet and your head don’t have to point to the door of the room.

Feng shui: why colors are so important

Colors are one of the keys of this phylosophy, because they can influence our mood and our future decisions.

Green is one of the most important shades, as it reminds of nature and plant. It symbolyzes growth and life.

Yellow is often associated to green and nature and it is closely linked to our planet. It represents longevity and joy.

Red, instead, is a daring color which represent animal life and knowledge. It is a lucky shade.

– Finally, black and white, two opposite colors which perfectly represent our inner balance. Black stimulates night rest and helps developing new ideas, while white represents money and it symbolyzes luck.

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/it/letto-camera-da-letto-tappeto-tende-1839183/

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