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Few ingredients and lots of flavor with cupete, a typical Piedmontese sweet


Looking for quick and easy recipes we stumbled upon cupete, a typical Piedmontese dessert made with dried fruit and honey. Here is the recipe!

Walnuts and hazelnuts from Piedmont, wafer waffles and honey are traditional ingredients to prepare the cupete or copete. This typical Piedmontese product boasts medieval origins , easily identifiable in the simple products that compose it, however in various southern areas of the region it has never stopped being prepared. The cupeta di mondovì and, more generally, the Monregalese copetas, are sweets well rooted in the local tradition.

Over the years, however, the recipe has undergone some changes, also present in the cooking manual par excellence, Il Cucchiaio d’Argento . Here, sugar and cream are added to the recipe, resulting in a more full-bodied and caramel-like filling. We will give you this last recipe, the one that today is followed by all the pastry shops in the area. Tradition has it that the cupete is prepared on the occasion of the winter holidays , then All Saints’ Day, Immaculate Conception and Christmas, until Easter. You have opportunities to experiment with the simplest typical recipes of Piedmont ever!


How to prepare the cupete recipe

  1. First, coarsely chop the dried fruit with a knife.
  2. In a thick-bottomed pan, heat the sugar with a drop of water and caramelize it over medium heat until it reaches an amber color.
  3. Add the honey and stir to make it blend, then stir in the cream.
  4. Turn off the heat and immediately add the dried fruit , stirring.
  5. Distribute it over 10 hosts then close with the remaining 10 leaving them to cool before serving.

Clearly you can opt for the even simpler recipe by melting the honey, combining the dried fruit and then transferring it inside the hosts. Both sweet recipes deserve to be tried: the choice is yours to start. Do not miss another typical dessert of Piedmont, perhaps the best of all: the hazelnut cake !


Cupete can be kept for a very long time, up to a few weeks , simply by storing them in a moisture-proof container such as a tin box.

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