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Fibromyalgia, natural remedies to relieve symptoms


Unfortunately, there is still no cure for fibromyalgia, but thanks to some natural remedies it is possible to reduce symptoms and relieve pain.

Fibromyalgia is a very common rheumatic disease , especially among women between the ages of 40 and 60 . This pathology is still poorly understood and presents such a variety of symptoms that it is not easily recognizable. Those who suffer from fibromyalgia experience very severe pain , which can limit daily life. This is why it is important to find remedies to relieve symptoms.

What is Fibromyalgia?

When we talk about fibromyalgia we mean a syndrome that contains many different symptoms, characterized however by a common element: pain at the musculoskeletal level . In recent years, this disease has been studied in greater depth, and a series of guidelines for its diagnosis have finally been reached.

The main symptom of fibromyalgia is muscle pain, which each patient may experience differently. It can be burning , stiffness or contracture, it can be more or less intense and vary depending on many factors: physical activity, climate, stress. Other disorders related to this pathology are chronic fatigue , insomnia, headache , altered mood.


The causes of fibromyalgia are not yet known, although over time researchers have found that particularly painful trauma can be triggers. Since the mechanism leading to the onset of the disease is not clear, there is still no definitive cure . Treatment usually consists of trying to relieve symptoms. In this, phytotherapy can help us.

Natural remedies for fibromyalgia

There are some natural remedies that can counteract the pain caused by this syndrome. For example, magnesium has always been an ally for problems with the muscular system. This substance manages to penetrate the cells of the muscles and relax them, relieving pain. For this reason, fibromyalgia sufferers can find relief from taking a magnesium supplement.

On the hormonal level, however, the disease could have an influence on the levels of serotonin , a hormone that is fundamental in regulating mood and controlling pain. Rhodiola helps to stimulate the production of serotonin, thus relieving the symptoms of fibromyalgia. It may be helpful to take it as a supplement along with magnesium.

Finally, hypericum acts on a psychological level. In fact, this substance manages to fight depressive states, which often contribute to perceiving the pain of fibromyalgia more intensely. Against the anxiety and sadness caused by the disease, a hypericum supplement can therefore favor a recovery of the mood.

The treatment of fibromyalgia with nutrition

Another factor that should not be underestimated is the importance of diet in treating fibromyalgia. There are in fact foods that can alleviate the ailments caused by the disease. Among the main ones we remember fruit and vegetables, whole grains, fish and white meats. What should never be missing is a good supply of fiber , while reducing the amount of sugars.

Here are the foods to watch out for: fatty foods, carbohydrates, foods rich in additives and ready-to-eat foods. According to some recent studies, being overweight aggravates the symptoms of fibromyalgia, so it’s important to keep your weight under control and have a healthy diet .

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