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Fight skin lesions and burns with benzoin essential oil

Essential oil

Let’s discover the essential oil of benzoin, an excellent essence against skin lesions and burns and to combat some disorders of the respiratory system.

The essential oil of benzoin is obtained from Styrax benzoin , a plant native to Indonesia . We are talking about a plant with arboreal and shrubby characteristics that produces numerous white flowers with an umbrella-like shape.

Styrax benzoin produces a particular resin containing coniferyl benzoate, a substance rich in beneficial properties . And it is precisely from this resin that benzoin essential oil is extracted: let’s find out its benefits, how to use it and how to avoid side effects.

The properties of benzoin essential oil

Benzoin essential oil has several beneficial properties, which it inherits from coniferyl benzoate , a substance contained in the resin of Styrax benzoin.

Essential oil
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First of all, let’s remember its ability to speed up the healing process of the skin in case of injury or burns . This happens thanks to its re-epithelizing properties , which also allow you to fight the presence of wrinkles and stretch marks.

Other properties include antiseptic properties , common to many essential oils, and expectorants . Its ability to fight bacteria proves invaluable in dealing with the problems of the respiratory system caused by them. In addition, combined with its expectorant function, it helps to clear the pathways blocked by phlegm and to fight the symptoms of cooling diseases.

Finally, the essence of benzoin is an excellent antioxidant , very valid against the signs of aging.

Uses and contraindications

You can use benzoin essential oil in several ways. To take advantage of its re-epithelizing properties, it is possible to dilute a couple of drops of essence in a spoonful of vegetable oil (about 15ml) and use what has been obtained as a massage oil to spread in the affected areas.

Essential oil
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Against the problems related to the respiratory system, it is possible to take the essence by air . To do this, just insert a few drops into one of the many aroma and essential oil diffusers on the market. Alternatively, it is possible to make suffixes , adding essential oil to boiling water.

Used in moderate doses, this essential oil has no side effects . However, in case of abuse it can lead to hypersensitivity phenomena. It is important not to use the essence during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

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