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They come from social networks: we are talking about fish nails, that is a manicure with fish drawings! It is the best look for summer!

We know that the manicure is one of the most funny ways to express our beauty: it is versatile and can change continuosly. The new trend me must absolutely follow and makes us smile is fish nails. With this look, we can have goldfish and other species wimming on the tip of our fingers!

Social network often launch new trends, and it is the case for this summer look! On Instagram there are thousands of posts with fish nails, and we love them! Let’s find out everything about this news!

Fish nails: the trend for summer 2019!

Is it time to go to the beach yet? Not really, but we can imagine to be laying on the seaside with this new manicure. This nail art reminds us of summertime, Sun, heat, seaside and sea water.

Fish are the new protagonists of our nails. On Instagram, we have seen goldfish painted on each nail, but also water colored bases painted with fish scales. If you want this manicure, you need to go to a professional, because it is very difficult to make!

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/root_to_beauty/?hl=it

Moreover, it is really nice and fun and its bright colors make us want to start the countdown for summer already! They are the best look for a party on the beach or the happy hour: everyone will look at your hands! Why don’t you also try a DIY hand cream? Its easy to make and super moisturizing!

In the last period, animal printed nails are all the rage. Have you heard about cow nails and tortoiseshell manicure? They were very popular in winter, together with other amazing trends!

Photo source: https://www.instagram.com/root_to_beauty/?hl=it

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