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Fitness of the future: how technology will change the way you train

Fitness of the future

Online tutorials, exercise apps and diets: with the lockdown it seems that the fitness of the future will also be different. Let’s see how.

The fitness of the future will certainly be different from what we know, we already had a taste of it during the lockdown . In fact, the Coronavirus has also kept sports and gym lovers at home, who have had to find alternative ways to train. Remote training and fitness applications, however, have made us understand that we can train where we want thanks to personalized and online exercise programs. The fitness of the future will therefore be technological and full of workouts that follow us everywhere and that still guarantee extraordinary results, without the obligation of the gym. Let’s see how fitness will change.

Future apps and fitness: what the studies say

A recent survey on how sportspeople train, conducted by Urban Sports Club , highlighted how the way they train across Europe is changing .

The fitness of the future, which has already been experienced during the quarantine, travels through mobile applications. The most downloaded of all are those that track physical activities and progress , followed by those that offer training cards and Youtube.

fitness equipment
fitness equipment

In short, about 59% of athletes use an app to train, which makes sportsmen smart and technological. But this isn’t just about fitness platforms . In fact, even the use of devices for training and street workouts has dramatically increased.

Heart rate belts, portable sensors less than a watch, cameras and action cams are just some of the peripherals used by the fitness lovers of the future. However, the change does not only affect individual sportsmen. Gyms and other fitness centers have also decided to equip themselves with these devices, above all to improve and vary the offer.

In addition, 16% of Italians who attend gyms use the application of their sports center.

Fitness monitoring devices

As we have said, one of the fitness trends of the future is the use of devices dedicated to sporting or monitoring physical progress . In fact, the most popular and used devices remain.

Fitness trackers are used by about one in four Italians, while 20% of our athletes use fitness devices equipped with GPS. In addition, technology also helps to find the clothing and technical equipment needed to train. Therefore, even according to the athletes themselves, the future of fitness seems to be closely linked to technology. Not only thanks to this change it will be possible to book lessons remotely, a practice already implemented during the lockdown.

In any case, the goal is to facilitate access to more sports facilities , and therefore practice different disciplines. All with a single subscription.

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