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Five recipes with good and quick cucumbers for a light summer

Cucumbers and tzatziki sauce

The star of the summer, cucumber recipes are fresh, light and easy to prepare.

Among all the dishes with vegetables and vegetables that we can find in the warm months , the recipes with cucumbers are a practical, quick and tasty panacea. The fact is that cucumber is a real star of the hottest season. Its light color and its fresh flavor, its crunchy texture make it ideal for salads, side dishes and dressings. So let’s see our five cucumber recipes for your summer.

Cooking with cucumbers

Of course, you can’t wait to slice it and put it on your plate, but first it will be good to remember that the cucumber must be washed thoroughly under running water. Then you can slice it, cutting it into slices. Many sprinkle it with salt and leave it on an inclined plate: this will cause the cucumber to emit much of the water it contains – which will then drain away from the plate. The result should greatly improve digestibility.

Fresh or pickled, cucumber is in many dishes and recipes for the summer. Good raw, alone as a snack, or in the company of onions, tomatoes for a good salad, it also lends itself well to hot or cold dishes that require a little cooking and processing.

But are cucumbers good for you?

Cucumber does not have many calories and in fact is often present in many weight loss treatments and diets. However, it also does not have many nutritional properties: it offers a limited vitamin supply (vitamin C), but a lot of potassium. Being very rich in water, it is still good for kidney activity.

How to choose cucumbers for your summer recipes

The best cucumbers for your summer recipes should be medium in size. To choose the best ones, you need to check that the peel is shiny , firm, green with an intense color, free from lesions. The ends of the cucumber are also important: they must be hard, firm, not soft or damaged.

Store the cucumbers

Once bought, your cucumbers should be kept in the refrigerator, in the space you have dedicated to vegetables. You can’t keep them there forever : cucumbers can be stored for up to about seven days. A good alternative, very practical, is to cut the cucumbers into slices and preserve them in salt .

Five recipes with cucumbers

Sliced, in salads or as a dressing, we have seen that cucumbers deserve a place on your plates. Here are our five cucumber recipes for your summer.

  1. Cucumber lasagna with panzanella filling
  2. Gazpacho of peppers with diced cucumbers
  3. Chickpea salad with cottage cheese and cucumbers
  4. Stuffed cucumber boats
  5. Cold appetizer of cucumbers and tomatoes in tzatziki sauce

The recipe with cucumbers for a very good first course

Cucumber lasagna
Cucumber lasagna

Here is an absolutely natural dish and also … very spectacular, it is the cucumber lasagna with panzanella filling.

This cucumber recipe will be an original way to serve a slightly revisited panzanella with a creative twist. Panzanella is made from stale bread reduced to crumbs, tomatoes, red onion and a little vinegar. It will be perfect for both vegetarians and vegans, and for those who love to eat in a healthy and natural way.

Learn how to cook it by clicking on the photo or on the name of the dish Cucumber lasagnetta with panzanella filling .

Exotic, refreshing and delicious flavors

Gazpacho with cucumbers
Gazpacho with cucumbers

This pepper gazpacho is a very fresh recipe, to be prepared even the day before putting it on the table.

It is an interesting alternative to the classic recipe of tomato gazpacho, one of the best known and representative dishes of Spanish cuisine, and in particular Andalusian. In this case the dish is enriched with a diced fresh cucumber , which gives the whole a refreshing summer aroma.

The details for cooking it can be found by clicking on the image or the name of the Gazpacho dish of peppers with diced cucumbers .

The delicate taste of a salad

Chickpea and cucumber salad
Chickpea and cucumber salad

Different from the classic interpretation of the salad, this one with chickpeas, ricotta and cucumbers is garnished with cherry tomatoes. Delicious and refreshing , it can be a valid alternative to the usual rice salad.

To be served strictly cold, it brings summer to your plate, already inviting with its bright colors : the yellow of chickpeas, the green of cucumbers and the red of fresh tomatoes.

It is prepared following the instructions you find by clicking on the image or on the name Chickpea salad with ricotta and cucumbers .

Cucumber for a summer appetizer

Stuffed cucumbers
Stuffed cucumbers

Preparing cucumbers as stuffed boats allows you to put on the table a plate of simple but delicious summer appetizers.

Breadcrumbs, dried tomatoes, Taggiasca olives and capers will be served. These boats are perfect both for an appetizer to be served on the occasion of a summer dinner, but also for an aperitif with friends to propose something a little different from the usual and particular.

You can find the information to prepare them by clicking on the photo or on the name of the dish Stuffed cucumber boats.

Greek appetizer with cucumbers and tzatziki sauce

Tzatziki sauce with cucumbers and tomatoes
Tzatziki sauce with cucumbers and tomatoes

The Greek people, like all those of the Mediterranean, have a long tradition of recipes with cucumbers. So here is this cold appetizer with cucumbers, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce

The tzatziki sauce, despite the somewhat complicated name, is actually a very easy dressing, which is done in a short time. This appetizer can also be served as an excellent side dish .

Learn how to prepare it with a click on the image or the name of the recipe Cold appetizer of cucumbers and tomatoes in tzatziki sauce .

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